Hemp Seeds

Food, Oil, Skin & Beauty Products

Hemp seed provides low cost high quality food for humans and animals. They contain 20-25% protein, 20-30% carbohydrate, essential fatty acids, 10-15% insoluble fibre, vitamins including carotene, and minerals including phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulphur, and calcium, with modest amounts of iron, and zinc, the latter of which is an important enzyme co-factor of human fatty acid metabolism.

A handful of seeds provides the minimum daily requirement of protein for adults, since it contains all eight essential amino acids in the correct proportions that humans need. In the entire plant kingdom hemp seeds are second only to soybeans in their total protein content. But unlike soybeans, the proteins in hemp are easy to digest.

Hemp seeds can be used as whole hemp seeds, hulled hemp seeds, hemp seed oil or hemp seed meal.

We can use the oil for salads and cooking, body care products, detergents, and dietary supplements. The meal can be used to make protein powder, beer brewing, animal feed and flour for baking. Whole hemp seeds make snacks, used in baking and cooking, in a coffee blend, and in nutbutter. They can also be used to make cheese, confection, spreads, and dips. The hulls provide dietary fibre, animal feed and mulch.

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